4 x 1.5 x 2ft HUGE AQAURIUM

Location: East Midlands - Sutton-in-Ashfield
Swap Value: £300-£400


Decided I have to sell my huuuuuuge 4ft aquarium, it's 10mm float glass, has had the bottom pane replaced and in the process some little blisters of glass were taken off the bottom edging, can't see when it's set up and full.

Has two led light in its with it, one is a marine grade light with UV in there, other is standard blue/white.

The tank is sumped so no need for a filter in the tank, has a strong lift pump and 3 heaters (encase 1 fails it'll stay warm) the sump tank is 3x1x1.

The sand and rocks are included, the stand unit needs to be painted properly as I started to stain it brown oak colour but got sock so I can't finish. Good strong solid wood stand though.

No fish are included in the sale, they're going to a family member to be looked after. Very very well built tank. Being such a large body of water, close to 500 litres I think it is, self sustains for a lot longer than small tanks. Meaning less cleaning / water changes.

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