Art Deco Butterfly table £200 or swap

Location: South East England - ashford kent
Sell Price: £200


Rare Art Deco Butterfly table . This is a very unique custom made table from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Not exactly sure of the year (1930-1940), but I know it is now illegal to make tables using butterflies. These are now protected species. they are secured with a piece of glass on the top and a strong solid wood rim holding the glass in place . Another interesting feature is the quality of the wood work. The base appears to be hand turned on a lathe which creates this hollowed out stepped pattern. You can see the knots or grain of the wood also in an unusual pattern shape with a light insde . Lastly, the table comes apart into two pieces which would certainly make it easer for transportation. The table also has all the original labels intact. wot u got
u can call me on 01233633015 pick up only
25.5" T X 21" D (17.5" bottom)

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £200. If you are interested please contact me.