Acer aspire 8920 gaming laptop

Location: West Midlands - Tamworth
Sell Price: £200


Acer aspire 8920 laptop
Im no computer expert but it has 4 gb ram, intel R core (TM) duo cpu t8300 @ 2.4 ghz, windows vista home premuim, geforce 9500m Gs 512mb graphics card, got a massive screen and blu ray player, all in good working order with battery and charger, few scratches to front case but nothing major. The laptop isnt small and its quite heavy was once a top of the range gaiming laptop. Has wifi, built in camera and finger print reader, Im looking to sell or swap for a Windows laptop or tablet with touch screen of similar value or ile pay more. Like I said Im no expert on this and Im not even 100% sure of what its worth. Text me on 07719862096

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £200. If you are interested please contact me.