Oculus Rift Touch And Extras

Location: East Midlands - Ilkeston
Sell Price: £480


Oculus rift , 2 touch controllers , 2 cameras , xbox one controller , rockband adapter remote control , 2 rechargeable batteries for the x box one controller extension cable for 1 of the cameras also extension cable for the oculus headset as well
all boxed in excellent condition.
Also comes with Oculus account which as the following games on it :-
Robo Recall
Affected The Manor
Bogey Man
Dead And Buried
Dont Knock Twice
Echo Arena
Elite Dangerous
Eve Valkyrie
Face Your Fears
Luckys Tale
Rockband Vr
Star Trek Bridge Crew
And a few more Bits and Bobs.
Account also comes with £11.00 credit to buy what you want with.
Apon purchase i will ask for your email to change the account over to you and set-up a simple password and pin and forward these details onto you.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £480. If you are interested please contact me.