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PC Racing sim rig for sale

Location: North West England - Liverpool
Sell Price: £2,500


PC enthusiasts Racing sim rig for sale

Thought I'd chuck this up here to see if I can gauge an interest, I'm quite possibly looking to sell on this complete static rumble rig with full Thrustmaster hardware. This thing will shake your house to rubble lol, it houses 4 buttkickers with amp tower, 2 additional and very effective DIY buttkickers, I can't say it'll be cheap, you could buy a real car I know but with this, you ain't paying for insurance and you're also eco friendly with just an electricity bill lol... :P all that'll be required is a capable PC and a copy of Simcommander4 (chassis rumble rig audio control software, around 70/80 Euro's I think) to run it.... price wise, I'm not sure, there's too much to list and is more or less brand new so I'd prefer no silly offers, please be sensible when making offers ;) I assure you there's a lot of bang for buck here, even the wheelbase pictured has been replaced with the much much better TS-PC racer wheel (not T500 model pictured) and has seen possibly 3 hrs use if that, also there's a brand spanking new untouched Sparco/TM Rally Rim, and, as well as the TM shifter and the aftermarket digital H/brake, as well as an official and brand new still boxed TM sequential/h'brake included, an F1 rim, TS-PC racer rim, a Standard T500 rim and also an aftermarket rim I used for drifting, a SRH dashboard, (the LED display pictured on the base isn't included in the sale though unfortunately as that has migrated to the motion platform I have, ipad is also not included), includes a triple monitor stand and 3 identical Samsung 32" HDTV's, everything I've bought new (apart from triple monitor stand) in the last 12 months or so... a lot of kit, pm me if interested Oh, I'm located in Merseyside for collection and you'll need a van and some muscle as this ain't light hahaha :D :D ;) serious offers only please, this is ready to run out of the box ;)

This has not been used since the beginning of the yr so currently dismantled.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £2,500. If you are interested please contact me.

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