Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Garforth
Sell Price: £900


fully padded rod bag which includes 3x shimano baitrunners,10,000 strb with 12lb new line,3x 3.1/4 tc classic rods with 50mm but rings,8 rod bands,marker/spod rod,6 bank stix,1 20mm cruzade throwing stick,1deliverence-cyber shot throwing stick,1 ngt selfie tripod with remote control,1 50" landing net,1 floating kms weigh sling,...…3x large holdalls with extra pockets ..1x 2 man chub bivvy,1x winter skin with extended porch great for longer trips or france,1 spyder extra large bivvy bag,1x kms carp cradle,1x jrc bedchair,1x q,dos sleeping bag,1 pillow,1x ngt rig station with far too much in to list, some items include ,spomb,marker float,50 leads,pva tube,150pva bags,12 braid boxes,silkworm,merlin ect,kamakura hooks,ect ect far too much to list in there,next bag includes,eco candle holder,7" portable tv with dvr 12v I will leave memory card in has lots films on for them long winter nights,wychwood polarised shades,pva nuggets box full. ,new direction 4 rod set of alarms,with receiver and burgular alarm,4 rechargeable batterys for alarms 1x set scales,1xlarge marker reel with braid,1 nd bivvy light,2 catapults,3x illuminated swingers,1x ngt rig board,7 bags of boilies,hallibut pre drilled pellets,5k of mixed pellets,10k trout pellets,small radio,10 gas bottles,cooker,2 ridgemonkey thermal cups,ridgemonkey pan,set of pans,1x ridgemonkey rechargable headtorch ,4 bait tubs,rod pod 3 rod,bivvy table

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £900. If you are interested please contact me.