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4x Ikegami HC-400W Cameras

Location: South East England - Aylesbury
Sell Price: £350


I have 4x Ikegami HC-400W Cameras for sale, been used - Great Cameras - in Great Condition -
These Cameras have history - they came out from the Millennium Dome (now 02 Arena)

Capturing memories is easy with the Ikegami HC-400W Camcorder.
This digital camcorder has all the essential features necessary for users to take high-quality, vivid video.

The Ikegami camcorder has a fixed 4:3 aspect ratio, common for still photography. However, IT sensors allow users to switch the ratio to 16:9, popular for high-definition video.

The professional-grade digital processing ASICS provides a clear image. Also, the Ikegami HC-400W Camcorder has 800, 750 horizontal and 480 vertical TV lines, a resolution optimal for the Internet. Plus, this digital camcorder lets users film subjects in soft or sharp detail.

The Skin DTL can make people in front of the camera appear younger. Plus, it has other DTL settings that enable videographers to soften edges or increase sharpness.

Professionals will appreciate the five preset shutter speeds and variable shutter capabilities on this Ikegami Camcorder. Users can choose between taping in 25 and 50 Mbps.

There are four optical filters and eight lens files. With all of these features, this Ikegami HC-400W.

Camcorder is ideal for studio or remote productions.

2X Ikeagami RCU-390 Remote Control Units
Ikegami RCU-390 Remote Control
Again they came out of the O2 arena

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £350. If you are interested please contact me.