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24pot EasyFeed+Systemair fan+EXTRAS

Location: Wales - Tremarl Industrial Estate
Sell Price: £2,350


NEW 24 pot EasyFeed+Systemair revolution EC fan+SystemAir filter+PLUS MORE.

Systemair revolution super silent 12in fan + G.A.S EC1 Fan controller:¤cy=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQjwr82iBhCuARIsAO0EAZzOWQFnjawwFRxveA4hkE182Er-qZHufpFHWbrbigp6OIHXpITEnHkaAi_5EALw_wcB

Systemair 12in filter (100mm/4in thick):

Both these have been used once and so are still like new. Unfortunately, the lad who owned these past away and have been in storage ever since.

The fan is the digital EC1 version, tested to make sure it's working as it should. I'm not sure of the specs regarding m3/hr air renewal, but it's a lot, and should be available online somewhere.

The Systemair filter can only be described as an absolute monster. Considering the 2in filters (comparison for size in photo) last around 12 months, this 4in thick monster has easily got another 2 years of life left, especially when used with this 24 pot system.

Alien Easy Feed self feeding system - Unused.

This is a 24pot system that comes with 22L cloth pots, brand new still in packets.

The system was set up as 2 rows of 12 (2 wide x 6 deep), 4 trays to 1 light, but unfortunately never got to be used.

It is the bigger tray option that will also take up to 30L pots. It is gravity fed, meaning no need for pumps or hand feeding. The floats in the trays open and close valves automatically to keep trays filled with feed, so plants can drink at their own pace, leaving you to focus on managing other important environmental factors to increase results.

The 16mm pipe work is also excellent for keeping everything flowing with little to no maintenance necessary.

The system also includes an AA battery-powered timer to help perfect feeding schedules so plants grow at optimum performance and results.

The 400L flexi tank is excellent for storage and transportation, but the volume works well with this size system, allowing refills to only be necessary every 5-7 days (subject to environmental factors).

6 MaxiBright digilight Pro Select ballasts - 250-600w, and come with all cables and extension cables to reach comfortably across the room for this setup:

Also including;

4 A-Wing light reflectors (2 normal reflectors)

2kg drying net.

Approximately 8-10 meters of ultra silent phonic trap ducting for air extraction.

8-10 meters of normal ducting for air intake.

10in fan with air diffuser for 99.99% air movement to prevent stagnant air and thwart flower rot.

There is a socket timer as well, which I forgot to take photos of. Either a 12 socket board or 8 socket Maxibright Maxiswitch Pro. Upto you.

There might be other stuff as well, I'm not sure. Looking to clear a storage unit.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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This item is for sale at £2,350. If you are interested please contact me.