one off cast aluminum wall art

Location: East Midlands - nottingham
Swap Value: £5.000+


this wall art is a one off ,it has 13 pieces about a metre high by about a foot wide all together about 14 foot long,its made of cast ally,the panels are about 12 mm thick and about 30 mm thick in places,it has 2 tree branches cast in to it.
it was made bt phillip whatts designs and is still the header on there website,each piece cost £450 plus vat
this is currently on our nail bar wall but we are moving soon so it needs to go!
heres your chance to get yourself a beautiful piece of art!
ideal for a trendy bar or shop or even your home

I want to swap for

nice car,audi,bmw,4x4 or anything to the same value

I am open to ALL SWAPZ