Two nice old collectable books

Location: North West England - Skelmersdale
Swap Value: £1.000+


I have what looks like 2 antiquarian book's. Both are poetical works. Book one is poetical works of Byron & the seconds is poetical works of Moore's. Both these but look quite old & to me look in quite nice condition for their age, saying this I have noticed one loose page in the Byron book so though I should mention this to be as accurate as I could with my description. both books are also illustrated & have guilt edged pages. I can provide more photo's if needed. The Moore's book measures approx. 14 cm wide,20 cm high & 35 cm thick. it contains over 400 pages. The publisher's are a company called GALLS & INGLIS based in London & Edinburgh. I have looked but cannot see a year of publication nor an author but seen as this is the works of a quite famous poet & writer then the author must be him. Now for the Byron again I cannot see a year of publication in the book but someone else may be able to find it. sizes of the book are the same as the Moor's book. The publisher's are a company based in London called WARD LOCK & Co. Again no author but it does say Edited,With Critical Memoir by William Michael Rossetti.

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cash best offer, gold items even cinsider scrap gold, WHY?

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