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Sony data projector VPL-EX1

VPL-EX1 is the smaller cousin of the the magnificent Sony VPL-CX6 data projector. If you conduct on-site client presentations that involve a lot of fine graphics or fast moving video films you will benefit from the extra resolution of XGA projectors.

In short, the difference between SVGA and XGA projectors is that the XGA projector is able to give you a much picture that is richer in resolution and higher graphic quality. I noticed that words on buttons or tiny images will show more clearly when I use the XGA.

The data projector VPL-EX1 comes with a CD-ROM which includes tips on multi media and audio visual presentations. Impress your clients and students! Why bore your clients to death when you can dazzlethem with the Sony VPL-EX1?

The Sony VPL-EX1 data projector provides you with sufficient brightness to conduct a boardroom presentation. This small compact data projector generates 1500 ANSI lumens!. This will suit most small to medium room's light conditions.

Simple & elegant design at the touch of a button, the operational controls now face towards you for convenient operation.

The Sony VPL-EX1 is handy and portable: One of the most compact of all data projectors, the Sony VPL-EX1 achieves an excellent brightness of 1800 ANSI lumens with an SVGA resolution. Weighing just, the CS5 is easy to carry in the supplied carry bag!

The VPL-EX1 is quiet and does not disturb your presentations: A unique air discharge system positions the exhaust on the front of the unit. This helps reduce annoying noises common with data projectors and other presentation equipment.

All Sony VPL-EX1 data projectors come with a RM-PJM12 (Remote Control Unit for CS5). You can use these keys to control various functions, providing smooth impressive presentations.

4-times digital zoom. With the sony VPL-EX1 you can zoom any part of the projected image during a presentation to assist in conveying a clear message.

Sony VPL-EX1 Freeze function displays a freeze-frame while preparing or switching to the next image.

Various inputs the VPL-CS5 has a Built-in scan converter to accept composite video, component video and RGB video input signals. RGB Component S-video Composite Video Audio (Mono) USB (Wireless Mouse).

The Sony VPL-EX1 can digitally correct Keystone distortion automatically! Project the Images with the correct geometry even where installation space is limited. The automatic function can also set up the projector's lens and

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