Massive Audiorequest Server lot

Location: West Midlands - Coventry
Swap Value: £300-£400


1 music server and two satellite server units, plus software and dell pda controllers.

This was an unfinished project. I had the server running, and controlled by the dell pda and my laptop at one point, then the project got shelved during a house move never to restart. Now I REALLY need the space...

If you need audiorequest spares this will be a little goldmine, of course...
I'll be happy to break it for spares, for the right offer(s), and I'll do it right with the antistatic wristband/precautions and proper packaging.

This has been with me for a long time now, and I'm clearly not going to get around to using it so please bring on the offers.

I want to swap for

Anything interesting.
Weird and wonderful is good.
I like radio stuff, at the moment, trying to find a decent sideband cb or HF rig. I definitely like radio and other test gear & tools if I don't already have one.
I'm a bit tired of people asking me how much cash I'd take. I've set a cash price if you don't like it make me an offer or find us a PX deal. It isn't that hard.
I take gold, silver, copper wire, copper pipe, titanium stock, and clean mercury and will take specimum sized radio isotopes if safely packed and clearly identified, instead of paper money, I will also take gold plated edge connectors, but people always seem to over value those. YOU need vast quantity to make it worth the nasty chemistry involved, and that £100 jam-jar.... Isn't.

I am open to ALL SWAPZ