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Nothing short of amazing. The sE Electronics RF-Pro is the original Reflexion Filter, that utilizes sE Electronics' patented multi-layer technology to offer a microphone booth that will isolate your microphone from any unwanted background noise, without compromising your sound, all the while remaining a truly lightweight and portable vocal booth. The RF-Pro also includes a fully adjustable, heavy duty microphone stand, and vertical bar for attaching any standard fit shock mount.

Composed of nine different layers, the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is dedicated to providing you with all the sound you want, and less of the sound you don't. Each of the layers absorb and diffuse sound waves, this means that less acoustic energy reaches your microphone as it passes through each layer, wiping out any unwanted room ambiance, and leaving you with only the purity of your voice.

Everything about the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro has been carefully and complexly designed to give the best possible results. The nine layers of the sE RF-Pro help to "push" unwanted background noise back, and SE Electronics have countered the problem of that unwanted noise reaching your microphone through the back or sides, by extensively testing what shape and size the vocal booth should be, this led to sE Electronics to find a way to maximize absorption, while keeping the coloration down to around 1dB, and leaving the microphones polar pattern unaffected.

The results of the sE Electronics RF-Pro are truly remarkable. Independent test results carried out by China's leading acoustic engineering university clearly show extremely low levels of coloration when using the Reflexion Filter while recording with a microphone (20Hz - 20KHz), proving that the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro can easily walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Vocal Booth is used by professional producers and writers all over the world including Rik Simpson (Coldplay, Jay-Z, Kasabian), Rob Harris (Jamiroquai), Chris porter (George Michael, Take That), Andy Bradfield (The XX) and many more.


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