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Riverside Farm Spain

Location: South East England - Fairlight
Swap Value: £50.000+


Over 58 acres + small house on the river Ebro Catalonia Spain The river is at the End of the Garden .
it's about 6 miles outside of the village ( Riba Roja) with good roads all the way
it has 2 entrances (it's that big )
access to the river in the garden and room for about 6-8 swims but mostly the river is fished using boats . There is 56 miles of river you can get to from the end of the garden

There is 2 houses on the Land , One is habitable today, it was lived in by my friend last year(needs some work to bring it up to Uk standard but its warm and dry and cozy with the open fire on in winter very nice.
The other is in need of complete restoration, but all you need is a picture and then rebuild it ) so far we have found about 6 small old buildings and ruins about the place Gives you some idea how big this is , There maybe more yet to be found ?
i have owned it 10 years all paperwork correct and up to date

The house is small but would make a great bar without much work
people pay big money to fish this river like over £500 + a week each (do the maths)
you can put 10 static homes on the property today no permission needed 5 on each plot =10 (there is 2 deeds to this property you can have 5 statics per plot all LEGAL)

We approached the mayor and town planner and both have no objections if a camping site or Mobile homes went on here

Has Olive trees all over and this alone could make about 5k euros a year ,best to get the local farmers to do the work and split the profit with them Win win situation. free money is always a bonus

Needs work to bring to its full potential, its a massive project not for dreamers or the faint of heart , but put the work in and you have something everyone will be envious of and a nice little living... going fishing everyday (what's not to love ?)

It has electric running across the property so no problem linking into it but we used Solar (works well with the amount of sun we get in Spain

River has Catfish to 250Lb + trust me they pull ya string like nothing else and big carp , Zander etc

The place is in a nature reserve / conservation area ,so No you will not get permission to build a million Euro mansion on here but you can slowly build more and more and no one will mind ;-) ( Loophole)
Lot's of wildlife ,Deer,roebuck, owls,Eagles etc
has about 15 acres of flat land leading to the river and mountains and a forest on the land
airport is 1 hour 20 away, train station is 10 minutes away nice roads , school in the village and a football club ,a swimming pool loads of bars and places to eat in the village , there is about 20 English family's in and around the village and the Locals are nice and always ready to give advice or lend a hand

I want to swap for

houses business why ?