Kids 4 stroke quad

Location: North West England - Widnes
Swap Value: 1 penny


4stroke quad semi auto suit from age 5 upto teenager the quad has only been used three times for 30 mins each time and then been left unused I had it stored in a friends shed then got told it has been moved out of his shed into his garden with a sheet over it I've been to see the quad and tried to start it and it was trying o start until the battery went lat so I've took battery of and charged it I also noticed the fuel smells bad and when I took the drain screw out of the carb the bit of fuel that came out was like jelly so the fuel needs draining and the carb cleaning battery putting back on and then the quad will run fine I just don't have anywhere to do it or the time at the min to sort it and don't want it to just waste away in my friends garden

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