6 entel 2way radios, walkie talkies

Location: North West England - Birkenhead
Swap Value: £200-£300


6x radios, all with batteries and belt clips, comes with 4 extra batteries (10 batteries total), a spare belt clip, 4 adapters for headsets, includes 2 discreet headsets with ppts. 2 chargers that hold 1 radio and a battery in each. 
1 radio has a broken base so the battery has to be secured with an elastic band or some tape and 2 of the whip antennas have lost the nub from the end. These are just cosmetic flaws as all the radios work perfectly and have a really good range on them. 
I used to use these for Airsoft and long car journeys. Never missed a beat.

I want to swap for

Airsoft gear
Seat leon upgrades
Large fish tank
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