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U Boat d53crw

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Worsbrough Dale
Swap Value: £500+


U Boat d53crw or 305 special limited edition (No 188 of 1000)

Watch has original guarantee and is in 95% condition, this is a large 53mm watch with original leather strap. No marks on glass and if you look really hard you can find a couple of very small marks on the bezel , but you really do have to look to find these. I’m just being as honest as I can be
The time dial cover is unmarked , get yourself a designer watch for well less than half price

This really is a beautiful watch and people always comment when I’ve worn it out.

This watch is around six years old and are very collectible, new these were around £1’600 and all were sold before 2014. I was offered £720 by a dealer but I know he’s sold the same watch for £945 last week so I’m not going to let him have a cheap deal and make money off me

Only putting up for swap as I’ve other watches I wear

Open to most swaps over £750, try me..... I can only say no

I want to swap for

Car, other watch , something interesting, try me

I am open to ALL SWAPZ