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Dji Phatom 3 standard

Location: North West England - Abram
Swap Value: £200-£300


Only after a swap for mens mountain bike with fluids. Will happily keep it just want to test the water.

Faultless P3 with hardshell backpack and original box.

Battery has about 100 uses and still has 23+ mins flight time.

EVERYTHING works as it did the day i bought it (camera,gimbal,drone etc)

Brand new set props and gimbal absorbers.

Perfect for beginners and professionals. If you don't know your drones just watch youtube vids on the p3. I know own a p4 so not much use but will happily keep, Just wouldn't mind a mens bike with fluids large frame and wheels as i am 6'3 so smaller bikes no good.

Never had a crash and every flight mode works and will fly to prove that every features works.

ALWAYS been kept in its case so not a single mark. Still flys 500m (more than 3x Blackpool towers high) with no interference not a problem.

Any questions please ask but if anyone is interested i will fly it and setup the app on there phone to get them up and running before they leave.

Auto takeoff/landing/hover.
Auto return home when signal lost/low battery.
Follow me mode.
Auto fly.
Beginner modes to practice.
Auto circle just to name a few features if you aren't familiar.

I want to swap for

Large mens mountain bike with fluids.

I am open to ALL SWAPZ