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Porsche Boxster swap for van

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Worsbrough Dale
Swap Value: £5.000+
Model: Porsche Boxster     Year: 2000     Mileage: 93,000 miles
Private Individual


This is a 99% spotless 2.7 Boxster with almost 7 months MOT. The interior is like new, the body work is better than On my 18 month old Insignia and the roof has been restained and waterproofed

It has full service history, and has been well looked after by mature owners. The car is completely original and these are only going up in price

We looked at 9 of these before buying this as most had lead hard lives or not been looked after. I have a box full of receipts, service records and the dreaded replacement IMS bearing

I will either sell this for £6’000 or will swap for a van to convert to a camper. The private plate will be taken off before she goes

I want to swap for

Van to convert to camper , or cash + van or will sell for £6’000

I am open to ALL SWAPZ