epiphone sg EMG & line 6 hd147 head

Location: North West England - Barrow-in-Furness
Swap Value: £400-£500


Here for swaps I have a epiphone sg 2004 loaded with EMG pickups few bumps and dings as expected was an impulse buy and I’ve realised SGs aren’t really my thing but still a brilliant and versatile guitar gig bag included

Also I have my line 6 hd147 head absolute cracking bit of kit so many sounds can be produced from this head I originally purchased it back in 2010 sold it a couple of years later and purchased it back off the person I sold it to earlier this year but I’ve pirchased another main amp and this is been sat unused which is a shame

Ideally I want them to go together for a swap but I may split depending what is offered

Swap value on both is £450 which is very reasonable

I want to swap for

Fender telecaster most hollow body guitars would be considered les Paul’s I don’t mind the roadworn look so battered and beaten won’t phase me but if you have something interesting show me!

I am open to ALL SWAPZ