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Location: West Midlands - Nuneaton
Swap Value: £4.000+


350 funko pops figures that have never been opened, of which 25% very rare trailed, vaulted, comic con specials, limited edition, diamond collectors, collectors corp,exclusives, etc... I have put thousands of hours into this collection, so would rather it go it a collector than someone who is just going to break it up to sell individually for profit. Otherwise I would have just done this myself. This collection would be perfect to add to a collection or for a spring off point for a new collector who wants a good start. There are many completed sets within the collection. But also many still needing pieces. These tend to be the cheaper ones that are needed as I buy the rarer more expensive ones at the start of a new collection. As I said earlier I have never removed figures so the are all in perfect condition. The boxes are virtually are all in absolutely perfect condition too. There is about a dozen that have very very minor creasing on corner. But they are all at rear and unless looked for would never notice. There is currently about 300 listed. The rest are in storage and will be added during the week. Please contact me with any questions apart from, if I will split them to sell in smaller collections or even individually. Because I will just ignore the message, because as I have already stated. The answer is will be NO!!!!!!

I want to swap for

The collection as roughly set me back about £4500-£5000. I am not sure of the current value, as most of you probably already know, they go up in value the older that they are and especially the 25% that are rare specials. So I am open to offers. Cash or gold or Rolex/Hublot watch. I am willing to add other of my items to a deal or even other items and a cash payment. For a more expensive watch or gold item.

I am open to ALL SWAPZ