Assortment of watches

Location: West Midlands - Coventry
Swap Value: £50-£100


There are 9 in total,
1x klaus kobec stainless, white square face
1x jaguar (the car company)
1x fossil, has blue face and digital screen aswell as hands)
1x ben sherman, black face black leather straps
1x pulsar, little crack in glass
1x hugo boss, stainless, little crack in glass,
1 x twelve, (some chinese thing)
1x sekonda
1x next alloy with cream and purple face and chrono..
All these have been in a box for the last 18 mths and need a bit of a clean and fresh batteries but i guarantee they all work,, 100quid O. N. O the lot

I want to swap for

Wot you got, try me, the boss and pulsar ones were over 200 each to buy and although they have cracked screens they will still work, 40 quid spent on them will have them mint again, combine swapz for the right deal?

I am open to ALL SWAPZ

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