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Beautiful indian gold jewellery

Location: West Midlands - Coventry
Swap Value: £300-£400


I have had this in a box for around 2 yrs and as im selling and swapping loads of bit and bobs i thought id see what i could get for it, believe me the pictures dont do it justice its very heavy and very well made, i imagine they were for an indian wedding or event based on the style and fine detail work, the necklace is gold with purple stones with matching earings, then theres a red set of earings with white stones too, ive never seen anything like them, defo not cheap, theres no hallmarks but i wouldnt expect there to be as its indian gold jewellery,. im white british so im not expert but i know they are lovely, heavy, well made, and expensive

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Make me an offer, combine swapz for the right deal for something i want, i dont even know wot its worth

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