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Collection of 35+ PS3 Games

Location: South East England - Southampton
Swap Value: £200-£300


35+ PS3 Games up for grabs. All in good condition, in box and with insert. Some items are rarer and worth more than others so feel free to ask about individual games.

Games as follows;
Afro Samurai (Uncommon),
Bioshock Infinite (Premium Edition Available),
Beyond: Two Souls (Special Edition Steel Book),
Borderlands 2 GOTY Ed,
Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition,
Dark Souls II (Collectors Edition Available),
Dark Void,
Deadpool (Uncommon, Pulled from Digital Store),
Deus Ex Human Revolution,
Dragon Ball Raging Blast,
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit,
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi,
El Shaddai (Uncommon),
Enchanted Arms,
Fairytale Fights,
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (BRAND NEW, SEALED),
Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition,
Heavenly Sword (Missing insert),
Heavy Rain,
Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-,
Monster Madness: Grave Danger,
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations,
Resistance: Fall of Man,
Rocksmith 2014 Edition,
Sonic the Hedgehog ('06),
Sonic Unleashed (Missing insert),
The Beatles Rock Band,
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception GOTY Ed,

Disk Only;
Megamind Ultimate Showdown,
UFC Undisputed 2010

A PS3 console may also be available but requires testing beforehand.

I want to swap for

I am interested in rare and obscure video games and retro consoles. I'd also be interested in trading cards in good condition, old memorabilia, possibly even antiques if it really catches my eye. Feel free to offer anything else and I will keep an open mind. Cash also accepted.

I am open to ALL SWAPZ