Bitmain antminer mineing bitcoin

Location: North West England - Longridge
Swap Value: £1.000+


We have for sale or swap
Bitmain antminers
We import antminers direct from China.
New and used
s9 14th £420 there's loads off these so can do a big discount on bulk orders.
T17 42th £1300
53th £1600
S17 56th £2400
73th £3500
All the above units are with shipping and are used, the items have been used on normal mode so haven't been over clocked.
Takes about 4weeks form order to your door,so please bare this in mind.

New units
S19j 95th £8300
S19 110th £9200
These units are New and again take up to 4 weeks to get here .

We are also in the process off doing a pre order
For the New antminer s19pro plus 198th .
The price for these units are not out yet .
The shipping date will be between may-sept this year.
We are going to be doing a bulk order and hopefully be the first ones in the UK to have them.
We need over 200units to be ordered .
Preorder £5000 deposit.

I want to swap for

Computing equipment

I am open to ALL SWAPZ