Nvidea gtx 1070 8gb mining rigs

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Beighton
Swap Value: £10.000+


Nvidea Gtx 1070 Mineing Rigs Joblot X5.
These rigs can easily be changed to mine other Crypto currencies including Eth, Zcash, Monero etc. as well as dual mining e.g. Ethereum & Decred etc. by stopping the NiceHash miner and starting the Claymore miner which I have also installed.

I also have 3 boxes of spares that arnt in the pictures
Such as
Power cables
Some gfx  cards 4 water  cooled r290xs and lots of  untested ones

Specs as follows

Rig 1
X5 gtx 1070 8gb
3x evga sc 3.0  cards
X1 republic of gamers strix  1070
X1 band hero 1070
8gb gskills ripjaw ddr4 2400 memory
240gb ssd
X5 ver009s risers
Gigabyte z390 ud motherboard
Intel  g3900  2.8 cpu
Running 150 mhs ethereum
Zalman watttera 1000w modular psu

Rig 2
X5 gtx 1070 8gb
X3 msi gtx 1070 gameing x
X2 Gigabyte g1  gtx 1070
X2 evga 850 b3  psus
8gb Hyper x fury ddr4 2400 memory
Drevo x1 60gb ssd
Samsung 250gb sata drive
Msi z270 sli plus motherboard
X1 ver0009s riser
X4 ver006c risers
Intel g900 2.8 cpu
150 mhs etherum

Rig 3
X5 gtx 1070 gigabyte g1  8gb
Corsair hx1200i psu
4gb g skill ripjaws ddr4 2133 memory
Asrock h110 pro btc+ motherboard
Intel g3900 2.8 cpu
X3 ver 0006c risers
X2 ver 0009c risers
SanDisk 120vb ssd

150mhs etherum

Rig 4
X5  gtx 1070 8gb
X3 evga sc 3.0 gtx 1070
X1 gigabyte g1 gtx 1070
X1 Republic of ganers strix gtx 1070
Corsair hx 1050 psu
Intel g3900 cpu 2.8mhz
Kingston 120gb ssd
Msi z270 gameing plus motherboard
8gb gskills ripjaw 2133mhz ddr4 memory
X4 ver 0006 risers
X1 0009c riser
150 mhs etherum

Rig 5
X6 gtx 1070 8gb

X2 msi gameing x  gtx 1070
X1 palit game Rock band hero gtx 1070
X1 evga sc 3.0 gtx 1070
X1 gigabyte g1 gtx 1080
X1 palit gtx 1070 dual
Corsair cs850n psu
Hp 900w server psu with breakout board
Western digital 1tb hard drive
Intel i5 cpu
4gb corsair 2666 mhz ddr memory
Asus prime z270-a motherboard
X5 0009c risers
X1 ver 006c riser
180mhs etherum

Total 780mhs on etherum

Thank you for looking!

I want to swap for


I am open to ALL SWAPZ