About Us

Swapz launched in the summer of 2004 as an alternative marketplace to the established auction and classifieds websites. Since then it has grown to almost 100,000 members at the launch of swapz 3 in March 2009 and has close to 100,000 live listings.

The founders of swapz are Paul and Vic. Paul looks oversees the support, administration and business aspects of the site and Vic is the brains and inspiration behind all the technical expertise that keeps the site running.

The swapz site has been featured in many magazines including Nuts, Zoo, Family Circle, More and daily newspapers including The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Daily Star. Swapz has also been featured on over 25 radio shows including Miles Mendoza's Website Of The Day on the highly popular Steve Wright In The Afternoon show on BBC Radio 1.

We're often asked what our ultimate aim is. That's simple - to continue being the biggest and best swapping site in Europe. While you're hopefully getting used to, and enjoying swapz 3, we're already thinking about swapz 4.