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Warhammer Dark Vengence + More

Location: East Midlands - Matlock
Sell Price: £250


I have the Dark Vengeance game from games workshop only opened to check the contents , I also have some chaos obliterators still boxed with another boxed chaos warp smith that I started but never finished (hardly touched),I also have 6 chaos space marine possessed squad men bought off eBay, included with this is a boxed set of paints with 3 layers of paints and base coats ( some paints have dried but are still usable) and finally their are some scenery 4 bomb craters and a corner house kit built but not painted and two wall sections never built. I'm looking for £250 as this all cost me £400 but I just don't have time to play as I did when bought.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £250. If you are interested please contact me.