Munitio Nines Gold Earphones - Gold Plated

Location: East Midlands - Hull
Sell Price: £175


Munitio Nines Gold Earphones

9mm Bullet Casing Design

Known as the Very BEST earphones you can get, amazing bass and i smile each time i hear it, they have to be hear to be believed!

Believed to be 9-18ct Gold plated

Very top quality earphones:
- Copper alloy 9mm shells coated in Titanium then coated in Gold
- Kevlar wrapped cables

(Kevlar is the material that stops bullets in a bullet proof vest)
(Titanium is used on tanks to protect them and is extremely strong)

Imported from the USA and spent well over £200 on them + import

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £175. If you are interested please contact me.