1 TB - Music/Karaoke/Video External Harddrive

Location: North West England - Manchester
Sell Price: £110


Thanks for taking a look at the ad. For sale is my hard drive with a huge variety of music, videos and karaoke tracks. The drive is separated with 3 folders and sub folders making it easy to navigate. The karaoke tracks ARE compatible with software and DO show the lyrics. I've listed what the drive has below :-

Karaoke 40,000+
Music 56,000+
Music Videos 7,000+
Music Files are in .mp3 format
Video Files are in .mp4 format.
Karaoke Files are believed to be in .kar AND .mp3 format.

If you have any questions, please message me

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £110. If you are interested please contact me.