Kef 104/2 Speakers, easy project

Location: West Midlands - Coventry
Sell Price: £550


These are high end speakers from a top drawer manufacturer and need an easy fix to be really good speakers. or are a bargain if only for insurance against your own mid tweeter assembly going south.
('cos that part ain't fixable any more apparently except for staggering amounts of money and inconvenience).

As you can see the magnet fell off the B200 bass driver only slightly spoiling this otherwise remarkable pair of loudspeakers. Fortunately the rare and wonderful composite tweeter/mid range units remain unscathed, So it's a relatively easy and cheap restoration, consisting of a B200 replacement bass unit, then some light restoring of the wood and of course replacing the grill cloth, to give you a fantastic set of rare and truly wonderful loudspeakers.

In atom heart mother the opening door was so realistic, it had me get up in startled surprise from my couch...

Selling, because I no longer have a nice big room to play them in, and when I do I get one, I also own the Leak 3090's that replaced them.

I would be happy to carry out either some parts or totality of the refurbishment, if the buyer is cash rich and manual skills poor. Essentially it needs a new B200, (or a big pillar drill or lathe to jig it all up in and bring the pre-glued magnet to the chassis in perfect alignment) a full set of the internal rubber donuts and grill cloth, (about 100 quid all in if you buy a replacement rather than fix the existing driver) and a few hours of skilled labour to make 3-4K's value of top end reference loudspeakers (That was what Kef wanted for an up to date set of equivalent speakers, when I was checking the value for insurance purposes.)

THE B.I.N. value £550 is based on the price of ONE of the O/E tweeter/midrange units if they could be obtained. Mine are, as far as I determine, flawless.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £550. If you are interested please contact me.