Devon camping land

Location: East of England - Hemel Hempstead
Sell Price: £7,500


Welcome to my little slice of the blissful Devonshire countryside to swap.

I have a large family which meant in our earlier years we were only able to afford holidays during peak seasons by camping and caravanning.

This works OK if you are blessed with good weather, this is rarely the case.

On our last paid for camping adventure we were monsooned out to theatrical proportions. We packed up early and went home thoroughly drenched and miserable. I was very unhappy about having spent so much money on such a crummy holiday.

So I decided to go my own way.

I bought a plot of land in the beautiful Devon country side within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We used this for all further camping and caravan adventures we were to have.

Because of the size and privacy we were able to bring many tents or marquees and could spread out. The kids could shout and scream and play games etc. We also sometimes took our caravan with us.

It has enabled us to take advantage of any sunny weekend at a moments notice, reducing the risk of drowning for a holiday booked 6 months in advance!

Locally there is a pub, a sports centre (good for rainy days and amenities) a little further there is Bude beach with free cold showers as well as plenty more.

I absolutely adore this area of the country, and consider it my own slice of paradise, but unfortunately my family has grown up and I dont get to use it so much any more. I have however found a growing need for more space preferably in my local area, but any useful pockets in most places will be considered for some of my needs, for uses including garage, workshop, allotment, storage space etc. I would also consider a canal boat. It now makes more sense to part with my lovely land for something more useful to me.

The plot size is apx 12x12 meters.

This is very sad for me, the plot has been worth a fortune to me by making as many holidays I liked so utterly hassle free. And of course being the very proud owner of such a beautiful part of the country.

I am looking for any type of spare/unused land/end of garden/canal boat etc, which may be good for the uses above in the South East England area or other areas depending, to be swapped for my area of Devon.

May consider selling.

Thanks for looking!

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £7,500. If you are interested please contact me.