Huge Joblot retro consoles

Location: West Midlands - bromsgrove
Sell Price: £1


I have a joblot of retro consoles for sale/swap. They include 2x sega megadrives 1 boxed 1 unboxed games are sonic 1
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
3 games on 1 columns super hang on and italia 90.
California games boxed plus another game which cant think what it is.
Super nintendo with 1 controller and
Fifa 96 boxed
Fifa 97 boxed
Pagemaster boxed
F1 super driving boxed
Top gear x2
Super mario world
N64 with 3 controllers
Super mario world
Goldeneye 007
Super mario kart
James bond game
Donkey kong country
Snowboard kids
Nintendo gamecube 1 controller and
Star wars game
Wrestling game
Die hard
Sega saturn with 1 controller and
Virtua fighter
Command and conquer
Alien trilogy
Sega dreamcast with 2 controllers and
Sega rally
Fur fighters
The legacay of kain
Nes games no console
Ninja turtles
Marble madness
Super mario bros
If you have any questions please ask
Thanks :-)

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £1. If you are interested please contact me.