Kids ride on range rover 12v rc

Location: East Midlands - Hucknall
Sell Price: £130


This is a range rover it's 12v itch is loads better than 6v has mp3 port plug ya phone in or wot ever u have and listen to music.all head lights work goes for words and back how it should my boys had loads of fun in this and it's radio control for those learning to drive. so as Much fun for the adult as the kid all the red and blue lights flash and have a police siren sound when u wont it on or of it's a separate switch has a horn on the steering wheel and like I sed it's 12v so both rear wheels are powared so never gets stuck all so plays it's own music on a separate button on the steering wheel good little car

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £130. If you are interested please contact me.