Swegway Bluetooth Led 10 inch

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Kirkthorpe
Sell Price: £194.99


Only speak through text or phone thanks phone number is 07393282573 .WILL SWAP FOR A PIT BIKE AND CASH NO CRAP NO WASTE TIME THANKS. This swegway is RRP £695. IT says it on box I want to get £195 offers will be avalible but not going down 2 much. 10inch Hoverboard on website I paid £350 only want 195 because of the crack. Glued hasn't came cracked again over a year now. Good price I hope you buy. Also please note this is a Bluetooth speaker swegway with led lights. This is really good offer as I spent a lot on this. 10 inch wheels. Breadboard UK seller in Manchester city. Pick up around Wakefield area. Offers will be accepted. Charger + bag + armor for swegway. Really good seller on eBay youtube gum tree wish local and much more. Trusted

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £194.99. If you are interested please contact me.