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Unique Scented Skull Candles

Location: Yorkshire and the Humber - Huddersfield
Sell Price: £180


I have 40 of these full size skull Candles that I want to sell or swap with a retail value of at least £600 based on cheap sales on Gumtree of Facebook ect at £15 each I am looking for swaps or cash offers for them, I’m looking for £180 cash for a quick sale (no less) and that’s less than they cost to buy in big bulk orders cost or swaps to the value of £200ish phone / pc / anything really try me.

Each of these bespoke hand crafted skull candles is hollow and contains a single standard candle within. When lit, the candles burn for up to eight hours, and as the candle burns through the cranium will melt away slowly making the skull glow beautifully creating an ambient atmosphere with a long-lasting scent.

After the candle inside is used, simply replace with another which means you can reuse your candle over and over again , tea lights work great!
The face and sides of the skull do not melt away, only the top.

**** Each

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £180. If you are interested please contact me.