Wpb 140 cr110 frame big wheel

Location: South East England - Coffee Hall
Sell Price: £650


Wpb 140 2017 now Featuring Big Wheels , Beefed up Crank Cases and Needle Roller Gearbox Bearings. The Z155 Race Camshaft Engine is fitted to Stomp and WPB engined bikes, it features the Proven Reliability of the 140cc engine with the highly race tuned performance of a 160 Race class engine, the 19Hp at rear wheel in Stock form is plenty to scare the Pants off the unsuspecting! "

The 2017 140 has been Upgraded to Now Include Polished Allow Hubs and

HSK Racing Brakes front and rear and Pro Footpegs. The New Detroit Plastics add something new

to the Race scene and are Unique to Welsh pit bike

The -140 still boasts the bullet proof z155 Race cam engine.

Stomp have the big wheel version (17/14) for those more into field hacking who need that extra stability in muddy conditions.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £650. If you are interested please contact me.