Avon 340 RIB / SIB

Location: South East England - Southampton
Sell Price: £300


Avon Inflatable 340, Well used
Has all the original aluminium floor apart from the front section could use the wooden one I have made in the front
Also needs the rails to clip the aluminium boards together, but the previous owner just fixed some rails to the top edge which worked fine and rigid
Needs a bung/non return mushroom on the transom. All of which are easy fixes.
The Good bits
Pumped all the tubes up today and gave it a good soaping and couldn't see any bubbles so assuming the tubes are good. With a bit of work she will be a great little dive boat/tender again
I have made a whole new floor from osb and covered it in artificial grass not to everyone’s taste but it’s comfy and it works
Will happily throw in a couple of oars or paddles
Any questions just ask

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £300. If you are interested please contact me.