fishing tackle

Location: North West England - Eccleston
Sell Price: £11,111,111


i have a multitude of fishing rods and full sets in bags . i have been given to sell for my next door neighbour her partner has passed , and not knowing what there worth has give them to me , im led to believe they are of age but on inspection they seem to be as new in some cases there is a new bag with 2 compartments each contain a carp rod and real and tips , a few telescopic carp rods , the others are quite aged may be vintage , abu ,diawa, also new rod rests nets , carp seat with a stackable set of boxes and a trolley ,there may be 10 in all not sure not had them all out .will put on some pics if anyone is interested.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £11,111,111. If you are interested please contact me.