1983 Squier Telecaster Fujijen

Location: Greater London - Southall
Sell Price: £400


This is one of the 1983 Fujijen Squires (the really good ones), but has had various things done, like new pickups, orange drop cap on the tone, and has been refinished in metallic cherry nitro at some point (was a battered black). The Squier logo has also been replaced with a Fender one at some point.

Its been battered and bruised and is very much a working guitar, but it is lovely to play and sounds great. Think of it as a REAL relic, certainly not for lovers of mint condition guitars.

The old Fujijen Squires go for varying amounts between 650 - 1100, but as this one is not original and a bit beat up I would be looking at swaps around 500. Would also take 400 cash. Possibility of a case being included under right circumstances.

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £400. If you are interested please contact me.