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Fish tank with stock inc

Location: North West England - Farnworth
Sell Price: £450


Red sea c- max converted with led lights aqua, heater inc also wave makers inc (still.have all origanal hood and fixing)

All stock.included also
1xyellow tang, 1x blue damsel 1xtomato clown fish , 1x bubble tip anenomme, 1x toad stool
Also lots of kenya.tree and lots of pulsinsenia with hermit crabs(blue legged) & turbo snails

I have had this tank for over 6 years and spend alot of time.and effort over the years however over the last few months i have lost intrest in this due to work commitments. My protein skimmer pump has broken recenly other than that.its a.perfectly working tank just needs a bit of tlc

Im looking for around 550 pound for everything and would prefare to sell alltogether

Please send me a message if anybodys intrested

Many thanks

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £450. If you are interested please contact me.