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Pioneer and Sony separates

Location: North West England - Blackpool
Sell Price: £700


Here we have a listing of my old stereo separates only selling as I've seen some kenwood separates I'm interested in

There are as listed Pioneer separates date back to around 90s

But the speakers date back to the 80s and although have damage still work would benefit fro. Replace cones if you can source some

Please before offering silly money on these do some research

OK I know some items are that special but some are for example the graphics eq are going for 200-350 on its own speakers with damage are between 250-290 so please bear this in mine

Pioneer stereo amplifier model A-550r
Pioneer multi disc player model pdm-601
Pioneer twin cassette deck ct-w620r
Pioneer tuner f-401l
Pioneer graphic equaliser gr-777

Sony minidisc mds-s39
Sony speakers apm - 22es mk1

OK amp I think has a dry solder joint as occasionally you have to play around with volume knob to get stereo sound out of it but once set usually fine then

Also speaker damage as mentioned but otherwise all good

Not been use in a couple of years so will fully test in next day or so unless someone wants to buy straight away

Other than that it's a bit dusty I did have 2 remotes ( don't know where they are atm ) also had some of the manuals ( again not sure where they are but are available online) also misplaced cd cartridge but will either find it or replace it before sale

Looking for around 700 ono

I can sell for

This item is for sale at £700. If you are interested please contact me.

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