The interview with cobra1uk

Mar 19, 2009


1 Swapz username:  cobra1uk

2 Christian name: Steve

3 Age: 50

4 Gender: Male

5 What part of the world do you live: Robin hood country(nottinghamshire)

6 What do you like best about swapz: The ease of use of the site and the friends you make

7 What was your biggest swap: It wasn't an actual swap,it was a lifesaver from bluebikernut (bike mirrors) and all for free

8 What was your silliest swap:  A facecloth for a ps2 game

9 Why do you like being part of the swapz community: You make some great friends, who from time to time, help each other out

10 How many swapz have you already completed: 45.......but some i'll never receive,but still doesn't put me off swaps

11 How many swapz are you aiming to do: Over 1000.....beat my ebay score



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