The interview with Simonradlett

Mar 14, 2009


1 Swapz username:  Simonradlett

2 Christian name: Simon

3 Age: 35

4 Gender: Male

5 What part of the world do you live: St Albans, Hertfordshire 

6 What do you like best about swapz: The community spirit

7 What was your biggest swap:. Laptop

8 What was your silliest swap: A battery for nokia 6680 from a daft user who sent me the completely wrong battery even though they are in the mobile game. totally dappy guy but great swapper. Hey we all make mistakes it is how we deal with them that makes a Swapper.

9 Why do you like being part of the swapz community: Because it is a community, where many users help other users with no intention of getting anything out of it. Except a feeling that they contributed to the community.

10 How many swapz have you already completed: 328

11 How many swapz are you aiming to do: The sky is the limit, however a fair way to go before getting anywhere near rockie22.



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