The interview with Poole569

Mar 11, 2009


1 Swapz username: Poole569

2 Christian name: Adam & Emma

3 Age: 27 & 29

4 Gender: Male

5 What part of the world do you live: Wales

6 What do you like best about swapz: The Community Spirit and of course the swapz

7 What was your biggest swap:. My 1st - my iPhone 3g

8 What was your silliest swap: My UV Blacklight (still listed)

9 Why do you like being part of the swapz community: Theres always something we're after and always great advice from other members 

10 How many swapz have you already completed: Only 25 :(

11 How many swapz are you aiming to do: As many as I can Rockie22 style!


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