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Genuine guy who done many swapz on this site. As most will know 99% the swaps done ends up threw showing interest and private msg so not all my swaps have feed back . I have manage get a few feed back now just so people can see I'm genuine guy.

If people offer me a car or arrange a deal I won't come toy you. We meet half way or you come to me. I find meeting half way is the best as it proves both cars a reliable and shows inter son on both sides.

My Pet hate with this site is people who say they hate time wasters and turn out be biggest time wasters on here ... changed their mind on a deal and dont have balls tell you so just become ignarant, if you change your mind just say please. Also please don't make me a offer then when I agree change your mind just don't show interest in the 1st place if your not going reply to messages when I reply to you.

I have met a fair few genuine guys on here and some I have done replete swaps with, one guy in perticular we have now swapped motors 7 times.

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