Username: buzzinga

hi I am a mature person and knocking on a bit in age so been around a good while ,
i am up for any type good honest swap , always straight with descriptions of my swaps and would expect the same back , i am into allsorts so if you see anything you like i have please feel free to make an offer of swap FOR the same value as my items , or if you have any questions please ask i will be happy to answer and with all my swapz you are always welcome come view before deciding if you want to offer a swap or not

TG4EVA , watch out for her she is very sly person
shows interest on my boxed swiss watch , then she proposes a swap me thinking it was for my watch I accept then i realise she had proposed on my £400+ boxed Samsung galaxy phone then she expects me to send a £400+ phone instead of the watch for her old £20 Kodak 7.5mp camera ,( which I have seen the same camera sell on ebay much cheaper )
and she has only been a member since ( JUNE 2014 ) and has started slating people off already for thing's she does above and I like how she slates me off in her profile but she has not put the REASON why like she expected to send my £400+ phone for her old £20 kodak camera no she wont do that reason being because she wants to make herself look good and make me look bad , and this is not a very good start for a newbie like her to do this , so she is one to really watch out for with her showing interest on one of your lower value items then SNEAKLY proposing on an higher value item of yours , yes she may have done a lot of swapz already but a lot with same persons user name mmmm seems a bit dodgy to me probably asking her friends to make up some swap items and then making it look like she has done a swap with them so she can make it look like she has done a lot of swapz just for the bogus ratings , and she has had the cheek to block me , she is trying to make me look bad and herself look good when in reality it should be the other way round . she some how has even shown interested on my phone again then blocks me again , SHE IS SNEAKY SLY CRAFTY AND MOST LIKELY A SCAMMER SHE IS DEFFINITELY NOT TO BE TRUSTED BE AWARE OF ( TG4EVA ) she has not logged on since Last site visit: Oct 17, 2016 and she is from Todmorden

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