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i do tattoos and piercing ive done this since 1989 im married with 7 children i live in bolton so if you want any tattoos or piercings done let me know it dont cost nothing to reply to an email so why some people on here ignore them is beyond me if you dont want to reply to people dont put yr stuf on and let proper swapers do deals
people watch out for ( wadie1984 ) he waists yr time make him come to you as i was to do a deal and i went 100 miles to do deal witch cost me 50 quid in fuel and 6 hours of my time waisted waiting and traveling to him and then wudnt answer his phone or txs be carefull of him ive done alot of good deals with some very good people but there is idiots and scammers on here that ruin it for others people be curefull of KISSMYRS he swapz cars that are death traps and stolen bikes and stuf and scams just been scamned by BKU113 dont trust him and this is his other acount andyb9090
watch out for patel trying to sell x ambulance he saying had it a wial but in fact he only got it last wk of a guy on here
why are people so ignarant it dont cost to reply and it dont take long if yr not intrested just say no thanks dont just blank people

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