Panini SEGA Super Play Trading Cards (1992-93)

Location: West Midlands - Walsall
Swap Value: 1 penny


These are awesome trading cards released in the 90's. They cover classic games from the Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear, and have facts and gameplay tips on them. Examples of these cards are Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Batman Returns, Toejam & Earl, Flashback, Road Rash, Altered Beast.... there are loads more - see the pictures for examples of just SOME of the cards I have.

The full set is 120 cards, and there are three types of card: GAME CARDS, which show the boxart and detail the game on the back; PLAY CARDS, which show a screenshot from the game and give hints, tips and cheats on the back; and CHARACTER CARDS, which focus on characters from a particular game series (eg Blaze and Axel from Streets of Rage). There are also two INDEX CARDS which simply list all the cards available in the set.

I have had a lot of duplicates of these cards that have swapped away, but am still left with a small selection. Most cards are in anything from good to mint condition, although there are a couple that aren't in the best condition (ask for condition of specific cards).

This listing is now for one of each of these:
2 Index card 2
5 Thuderforce II (GAME CARD)
7 Abrams Battle Tank (GAME CARD)
11 LHX Attack Chopper (GAME CARD)
12 Crue Ball (GAME CARD)
13 Lotus Turbo Challenge (GAME CARD)
14 688 Attack Sub (GAME CARD)
17 Talespin (GAME CARD)
19 Flashback (GAME CARD)
21 Batman Returns (GAME CARD)
24 Quackshot (GAME CARD) [creased]
26 Mega-lo-Mania (GAME CARD)
30 Robocod (GAME CARD)
37 Buck Rogers (GAME CARD)
40 Strider (GAME CARD)
41 Double Dragon (GAME CARD)
42 Alien Storm (GAME CARD)
44 Eswat (GAME CARD)
45 Forgotten Worlds (GAME CARD)
46 Hellfire (GAME CARD)
48 Galaxy Force (GAME CARD)
49 Golden Axe (GAME CARD)
53 Mercs (GAME CARD)
56 Toki (GAME CARD)
57 Shadow Dancer (GAME CARD)
65 Blockout (GAME CARD)
67 Klax (GAME CARD)
68 John Madden Football 93 (GAME CARD)
69 Buster Douglas Boxing (GAME CARD)
70 Super Kick-off (GAME CARD)
71 Aquatic Games (GAME CARD)
72 Turbo Outrun (GAME CARD)
73 California Games (GAME CARD)
74 Cyberball (GAME CARD)
75 Euro Club Soccer (GAME CARD)
76 Road Rash (GAME CARD)
77 Road Rash II (GAME CARD)
78 Super Monaco GP II (GAME CARD)
79 Joe Montana Sportstalk Football (GAME CARD)
80 Streets of Rage (PLAY CARD)
81 Gynoug (PLAY CARD)
82 Ecco (PLAY CARD)
83 Castle of Illusion (PLAY CARD)
86 Donald Duck (PLAY CARD)
89 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (PLAY CARD)
91 Taz-Mania (PLAY CARD)
93 Alisia Dragoon (PLAY CARD)
94 Desert Strike (PLAY CARD)
95 Hellfire (PLAY CARD)
97 Strider (PLAY CARD)
98 Revenge of Shinobi (PLAY CARD)
99 John Madden's Football 93 (PLAY CARD)
100 Super Kick Off (PLAY CARD)
101 Alien Storm (PLAY CARD)
103 Moonwalker (PLAY CARD)
104 Eswat (PLAY CARD)
107 Lotus Turbo Challenge (PLAY CARD)
109 LHX Attack Chopper (PLAY CARD)
110 Zero Wing (PLAY CARD)
112 Joe Musashi (CHARACTER CARD)
118 Wonderboy (CHARACTER CARD)

PLEASE NOTE: Picture was taken before a previous swap, so not all cards in photo are still available. See above list for what you get. :)

Swap or £10 plus postage.

I want to swap for

Anything considered.

Would be interested in swapping for other videogame trading cards, eg Kid Icarus. Let me know what you have!

I am open to ALL SWAPZ