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First Aid, CPR, Secondary Care, AED (Automated Electric Defibrillator) and also Care for Children

Location: Scotland - Glasgow
Swap Value: £100-£200


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ferenc Kelemen and I am a fully certified First Aid, CPR/EFR Instructor (Emergency First Response) and a Scuba Diving Instructor as well. My instructor number is: 326828 which can be verified on the PADI website for authentic purposes.

As I am a British/Hungarian citizen, I deliver these courses in other European countries as well depending on the number of students. As regards to the language I speak other European languages and my assistant speaks other ones as well.

The Emergency First Response courses are globally recognised courses. They are very comprehensive as they are not only teach you the basics of First Aid and CPR, but they comprise of anything you need to know about First Aid, CPR, Secondary Care (from handling cuts, wounds, broken bones, etc), learning to use AED (Automated Electric Defibrillator) and also Care for Children as a separate topic, that is uniquely designed to understand about any accidents that can happen to a child, how to recognise different signs of illnesses and how to handle them and more importantly how to do CPR specifically on a small child, even an infant. More about these courses:

The courses take up about two days (each day about 4 hours). This includes a presentation video which is about an hour and half long, the booklet that goes with the course with all the information you need about First Aid and CPR and you can use this at any time later on for refreshing your knowledge, hands on training on our state of the art CPR Manikin and an extensive exam and your certification fee. At the end you will get an ID card with your name on it and your instructor name as well.

The Certificate is valid for two years and we can do refresher courses as well for a minimal fee.

Depending on the number of students, we would travel to your destination for your convenience, mostly on weekends, to deliver the courses.

Unless some students would like to attend in Glasgow or if they cannot attend physically in any shape of form, then we can also do it online, but it's more beneficial for the student to do it by physically attending.

Looking forward doing business with you.

Best Regards,

Ferenc Kelemen

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